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Ms Kailey Mitchell of Hipnotic Hoopla! 

When I first started The Hoop Girls, I made my own hoops. Since the program has grown exponentially, taking time out of my busy schedule to make my own hoops is not realistic nor is it the most efficient use of my time. My focus now is to teach classes, create new and fresh choreography, improve my own HOOPING skills and continue grow this program and eventually start a Teacher Training program.


Fortunately for us, I found an amazing Hoop Dancer/teacher and artist in her own right Ms Kailey Mitchell of Hipnotic Hoopla. Not only is Kailey a phenomenal Hoop Dancer, she designs and makes some of the most beautiful hoops. I’m so grateful to have found her and have partnered with her exclusively to make all of the hoops for our program.


Because I order them in large quantities at a time, she is able to discount them, making the hoops much more affordable for our girls. All proceeds goes towards our Hoopgirl scholarship program.


For more information or to order a special Hoop for a birthday gift or for an adult, you can visit her Etsy store @

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