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I specialize in FITNESS - HEALTH & WELLNESS FOR WOMEN, AND for CHILDREN Grades PRE K-GRADE 5. And in the future, I hope to start a Hoop Girls dance flow for middle schoolers soon.


I am a former medical professional, (radiology nuclear medicine) with over 20 years of personal training experience, holding advanced instructor certifications in ADULT FITNESS: Rebounding, Barre Fitness, Boxing and Strength Training, and AFAA Mat Pilate's & Yoga, Piloxing and Midlife Fitness for Women and Nutrition.


For Children’s classes I am certified in: Youth Fitness, Nutrition, Hoop Dance Fitness ( Dianna Lopez Body Hoops and Deanne Love - Hoop Love Certs), Karma Kids Child Yoga, Yoga & Mindfulness Classes for Children and Teens, USA Jump Rope Sports.


My goal when I started my business was to create a variety of FUN, non intimidating fitness & wellness programs for WOMEN & FOR CHILDREN and to foster a message of community wellness. My hope was to impact the lives of the women and children in my programs with the powerful message that your fitness must become a lifestyle. Fitness, and being fit are directly connected to your health and well-being. Through education, motivation, and supporting clients with a positive attitude, I do my best to make fitness, CONVENIENT, FUN AND most of all, AFFORDABLE.


There is a direct correlation between exercise, wellness and mental health.


I had my own, personal battle with some health issues. I suffered for many many years with Crohn’s disease that I could not get in control. I often ended up in the hospital, seriously ill for several months at a time and at one point became completely disabled and unable to work in my previous medical profession.


Through consistent exercise and improved nutrition and stress reduction, I was able to eventually get this condition under control. And that is what led me to become a personal trainer and fitness professional. The exercise that helped me regain my health and wellness back ,after being completely disabled, was and still is REBOUNDING; an amazing aerobic exercise on a mini trampoline with health benefits that are to numerous to mention here, but I’ll put a link below for your review.


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Since then, I have developed or designed several unique and engaging REBOUNDING FITNESS CLASSES that are infused with strength training, Barre, Pilates, Stability Ball, deep stretching and more. These unique classes you will not find anywhere else. They are provided in my WOMEN ONLY fitness studio at 990 Hope Street.


The evolution of my Fitness Journey led me to HOOP DANCE!! Teaching Hula Hoop Fitness for kids ( Kidz Vibe Hoop or Crazy for Hoops) and Hoop Girls Dance, came about when I decided to find an exercise that they could do, not just as children, but that they could continue for a lifetime. I wanted an exercise that was portable and affordable AND FUN, similar to a jump rope, but less impact on their bodies. One that would Improve their confidence and self-esteem, tap into their creativity. One that would improve their fitness, stamina and endurance, but also help them reduce their stress and anxiety. One they could do when they wanted to take their mind off their worries. I infuse my classes with Yoga to stretch and calm their bodies. And as they master the skill and artistry of this fitness form, they realize that there is a mind-body connection. We call their “hoop flow”.


(Unfortunately, children do suffer from anxiety and depression - hoop flow is almost like mediation)


The Hoopgirl programs are sponsored primarily by Stamford Recreation Services M-Th at various schools and on Saturday at the Star Center in Shippan. we also have a Saturday class in Norwalk at the senior center sponsored by the Rec .


I also have a studio at 990 Hope Street where I do provide occasional Hula Hoop classes for beginners and I also have Hoop Girl Camp . The studio has fitness equipment for kids, such as mini trampolines, ellipticals, treadmills, Bosu balls, and of course, HOOPS!!. And it becomes a Disco, with party lights and disco balls for our Hoop in the Glow and Zumba Glow or Yoga Glow classes and Birthday Parties. We have subdued lighting for cool downs and during Kids Yoga.

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