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​This is a class for a girl who has never taken this program before or has just finished one 8 wk semester. This class is designed to be a FUN FILLED movement class to increase or improve a girls fitness, eye hand coordination, strength, agility, range of motion, flexibility and confidence. At the end of 3rd semester and if a hooper so desires, she should be able to move to Intermediate Level. May be eligible for a parade or other event after 2nd semester.

Hooper who has completed 3 consecutive sessions of beginner class 1-2 and has mastered the following basic tricks. On Body Waist Hoop/Walking and Hooping, Hoop Pass (Saturns rings) Walk thru, Inside twirl, Cape, Infinity (figure 8) Jump Rope-Front & Side.


Escalator, Body Wrap, Lasso, Helicopters, Modified Mandalas, Inside Twirl. Must be able to do well, several combinations of these movements in the various songs from Beginner class. At this levels the girls continue to add onto their Hoop Dances, more complicated combos as well as improved their stamina and agility.

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1. BEGINNER 1 & 2 GR K-3 and GR 2-5


3. ADVANCED - GR 3-5

When a hooper has finished the 8-10 wk Intermediate level session, and depending on the Hoopers ability, maturity and performance/behavior in class, she may move to this level. (Invitation only ) We continue to review all choreographed songs, from Beg and Intermediate levels. They learn new more complicated-challenging combos and routines and form small groups to created their very own choreographed routines.


This group performs in the Halloween Mill River Glow Event, Summer Block Party at Stamford Town Center, The Sono Mall Dance Off and the Greenwich Town party. This group is also expected to participate in The Thanksgiving Spectacular Parade. However, it requires a minimum of 25 Hoopers that are qualified . Space is limited at this level therefore, I will NOT accept any Hoopers into this level class, on who are not willing to commit to the above. You may not re-register for this level if you discontinue it at any time. But you are welcome to continue intermediate level.


​This is a great FUN class for a hooper just finishing the beginner or intermediate level at these locations. We mix it up so that it’s not too hard for the beginner, yet challenging for returning students. Students in these classes are encouraged to move to the advanced class if they are able after 2 years if they have the skills.


For the girls who Have completed intermediate or advanced level, Who want you to take their hoop dance to the next level with advanced choreography and introducing twin HOOPING. Ends with Yoga stretch. Performance not mandatory but encouraged. COMING SOON!

We require the following:

  • Min of 12 Participants required to host all classes

  • Max of 16 Hoopers per class #1

  • Max 20 Hoopers per class # 2,4,5

  • Max 24 Hoopers in Advanced

  • Schedule subject to change if registration not met.

Body Wise by Betty Stamford CT
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